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Live the joy of a new beginning for two, in Greenfield!

A new beginning for two and a new living experience. You two and a thousand square meters of nature around you, in Greenfield Băneasa, the neighbourhood where you find yourself from the first visit. Clean air, cheerful birdsong, dreamy view of the forest – this is how every day begins in your own oasis of relaxation, intimacy and good cheer. This is where you really feel at home.

Peace, nature, energizing mornings and romantic evenings. The atmosphere in Greenfield reminds you of the peace and fresh air of your holidays in the mountains, at over 1000 meters altitude, but with quick access to the hectic heart of the city. In Greenfield you have the perfect mix for the two of you – a two-room apartment for energizing mornings and romantic evenings.

The coffee served on the terrace in the early hours of the morning, while listening to the chirping of the birds and being bathed in the gentle rays of the sun, the long walks on the paths of the Băneasa forest, the plans and dreams exposed in the cool summer evenings under the starry sky are just some of the memorable moments in Greenfield. The perfect recipe for you to relax, dream, make plans to conquer the world and recharge your batteries for the next day. It is a dream come true!

You have more time for yourself! If you work in the northern part of Bucharest, you can say STOP to the traffic and enjoy more free time. In the immediate vicinity of your home in Greenfield, you will find everything you need. This way you gain precious time to spend with your loved ones, doing things that you really like.

What will you like in Greenfield?

Community - you will have young, optimistic, athletic and responsible neighbors

Unique natural setting - the neighbourhood embraced by 900 ha of forest

The option to practice outdoor sports - in dedicated places or on forest paths

You have the right space to develop new passions: photography, painting, meditation, botany, etc.

Secure access to the neighbourhood and your own parking space

Restaurants with terrace and cafe

Quick access to the airport, DN1 and the ring road. Thus, from Greenfield you are one hour closer to the sea, the mountains or any other place in the world

Shops and supermarkets near the house

Soon you will benefit from a Spa Area of ​​over 3,000 square meters with a semi-Olympic pool, swimming pools, fitness rooms, massage, sauna

STB station

Strip mall

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