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The largest community centre, dedicated to a residential community

Located in the northern part of the neighbourhood, at the edge of a beautiful natural park and about 500 m from Băneasa Forest, Greenfield Community Centre covers an impressive 32,071 square meters. In the autumn of this year (2020), Greenfield marks the beginning of a new phase of development, by building the largest community centre in a residential complex. This brings to the inhabitants a new standard of comfort, by including all the functionalities necessary for a large community: the commercial and service area, the fitness and SPA centre, the state school and kindergarten, the promenade and recreation areas and public transport, ISU point. Greenfield PLAZA will become the key point of a young community for which a healthy lifestyle is not only a basic principle, but also a source of trust, socialization and relaxation.

Wellness Club by Greenfield

An area of ​​3,744 sqm will host the SPA and Fitness area, extended on two levels, with both indoor and outdoor functions. This elegant space creates a warm setting that harmoniously combines sports, relaxation and wellness services, adapted to a wide range of needs.

Greenfield is a health promoter through sports. We believe in a world where sport and an active lifestyle encourage people to push their limits to achieve their goals.

Wellness Club by Greenfield comes to harmoniously and necessarily complement the sports activities that the inhabitants can do in nature, in Băneasa Forest, and will offer them the opportunity to exercise at any time, regardless of the weather outside.

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Indoor facilities

Indoor Semi-Olympic pool

Children's Pool

Massage rooms

Swimming lessons



Fitness room of 1,114 m2

Group classes


Changing rooms


Personal trainers

Administrative area

Outdoor facilities

A swimming pool with terrace

Services and Stores

Greenfield Plaza favours a complete experience at the mall, offering various services to meet as many needs as possible: Mega Image supermarket, restaurant, cafe, bakery, pharmacy, pub, playground, bank, currency exchange, travel agency, shopping centre parcel delivery, beauty salon, hairdresser, dry cleaning.


The kindergarten and the state school will be built on an area of ​​9,620 sqm of land that Impact Developer & Contractor donated to the City Hall. More than 1,000 children in District 1, Greenfield and the surrounding area, will be able to benefit from the new facility. Together with the project for the construction of the school and kindergarten, the value of the donation amounts to approximately 1.75 million euros.

The kindergarten will be able to receive 150 children in 15 classrooms to which is added a multifunctional room, an event room, a medical office + isolator, a food office, administrative spaces, technical spaces, gardens and a covered playground.


The school will be able to learn two series of 390 children in 13 classrooms, 5 laboratories (chemistry, biology, physics, computer science, foreign languages), two workshops (music and arts), 1 after-school room, 1 library, a gym + locker rooms, a multifunctional foyer, a speech therapy office, a pedagogical counselling office, a medical office + isolator, a buffet space + food office, a school shop, a covered inner courtyard, an outdoor sports field, a partially covered recreation yard, a maintenance workshop, bicycle parking platforms, various technical and administrative spaces. 

Additional access routes

With the donation of land for school and kindergarten, the access roads in the area were not neglected. They are already in the final phase of approving the PUZ documentation, and once completed they will be transferred free of charge to the public domain.See details.

Also, near the school and kindergarten will be built on two lands provided free of charge to the municipality by Impact Developer & Contractor, an STB terminal, various other public functions and an ISU subunit to serve the entire northern area of capital.

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