Clean air in Bucharest

The advantages of clean air

Living near a forest is the best recipe for health, and the 900 ha surrounding the Greenfield Residential Compound provide the ideal setting in which to connect to nature and breathe fresh air, while you are in District 1, Băneasa area, 15 minutes away from Presei Libere Square. In Greenfield you can have the perfect environment for you and your family: fresh air, green landscape, freshness of nature, peace and full comfort. Convince yourself!gf

Reduces stress

Reduces anxiety

It has a calming effect

Improves sleep

Decreases blood pressure

Favors the birth rate

Greenfield breathes fresh air

The air monitoring stations in the Capital, in most cases, indicate values ​​above the maximum allowed, and the landscape is one in which shades of yellow, orange predominate, and in more crowded areas, even red. However, in Bucharest, leaving aside the crowds and bustle of the center, in the north of the Capital, there is a place where the air is clean and nature surrounds your home – Greenfield. The air recorded here has much better values ​​than the city center. The 900 ha of forest that embraces the neighborhood, provides residents with a higher degree of air quality, comparable to that recorded in cities located at over 1000 meters altitude. The values ​​are recorded with the help of an approved monitoring station, and all indicators can be tracked, live.

The main measured indicators are the temperature, PM 10 (particulate matter), CO (carbon monoxide from the burning of fossil fuels such as motor vehicles, power plants and cigarettes), NO2 (nitrogen dioxide, mainly from combustion processes, such as those that occur in car engines and power plants) and humidity.

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SmartAir City

The SmartAir City application, a solution developed by Syswin Solutions, is sensor-based, energy-independent and provides critical parameters in real time.

The application provides notifications and alerts about the level of urban pollution. In addition to the main compounds that cause air pollution, the measuring station also provides information about air temperature and relative humidity.

All data collected by the sensors is transmitted in real time and can be accessed from your phone, tablet or desktop.

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