Why Greenfield?


The magic of Greenfield reveals step by step, with every image, video, word or personal experience. Wondering what Greenfield means and what a day in the life of those who live here looks like? Watch the video presentation, read more about us and come to a viewing to understand why Greenfield truly stands for a wellbeing living concept.

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Clean Air

Embraced by 900 hectares of Băneasa Forest, in Greenfield you can connect with nature and breathe fresh air. The air in the area of ​​the ensemble registers much better values ​​compared to those from the centre or to other districts of the Capital, values ​​usually identified in the mountain cities, located at over 1000 meters altitude. In Greenfield, air quality indicators are measured using a monitoring station located inside the neighbourhood.

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Unique Location

Located in District 1, in Băneasa, probably in the most beautiful location in the northern area and embraced by 900 hectares of forest, Greenfield offers residents a lot of facilities, both inside the complex and in its immediate vicinity. If you choose to live in Greenfield, you can enjoy all the advantages of a secluded, unique location, but also the advantages of an urban life offered by a European capital.

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Intelligent Development

  • Modern architectural solutions
  • Exceptional urban indicators
  • Standardized construction solutions, which allow cost efficiency and high energy performance 
  • The sunshine studies, that underlie the location of the blocks, treat aspects related to the way in which the natural lighting influences the neighbourhoods of the analysed location. 
  • Solid foundations 
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  • 60
    HA total land area
  • 18
    HA of green spaces inside the neighborhood
  • 900
    HA of forest embracing the neighborhood
  • 7,000
    Trees planted by us
  • 3,800
    M2 of wellness spaces
  • 5,000
    M2 of commercial space

Extended Facilities

180,000 sqm of green spaces

  • private parks
  • promenade alleys
  • recreation spaces
  • playgrounds for children
  • playground for puppies
  • landscape

4,500 sqm dedicated to sports activities

  • outdoor fitness areas 
  • multifunctional sports field. 
  • indoor pool 
  • semi-Olympic pool 
  • massage room 
  • whirlpool 
  • squash 
  • Gym 
  • spinning room 
  • outdoor pool 
  • two tennis courts with lawn

Access to the neighbourhood is secured

  • barriers to entry into each sector of the neighbourhood 
  • card only access 
  • 24/7 security, 7 days a week

Private parking

  • residents benefit from private parking lots of 12 sqm 
  • parking spaces reserved for visitors


  • Modern STB terminal
  • STB 204 Line: Greenfield – Străulești Subway station
  • Complementary private transport
  • Highway 6, close to Greenfield
  • Alternative transport is supported by several facilities implemented or being implemented: bicycle racks, electric charging stations.


  • Avenor College
  • Public School 
  • Public Kindergarten


  • Shop & Go
  • Minimarket
  • Restaurants & terraces
  • Coffee shop 
  • Bakery 
  • Mega Image
  • Strip mall


  • ATM 
  • Medical centre 
  • Dentist 
  • Beauty Salons 
  • Children playground 

Most of the facilities listed above are already operational, to be completed with those in Greenfield PLAZA and those designed in the next two phases of the development

Facilities in the immediate vicinity


  • Baneasa Mall
  • Jolly Ville


  • Casa Alba
  • Lazoo Restaurant & Lounge
  • Jumbo Grill
  • Studio 80
  • Green Garlic
  • Mandarin Asian
  • Starbucks

Shops and supermarkets

  • Carrefoure
  • Lidl
  • Concept Store Mega Image
  • Profi
  • Dedeman
  • Ikea
  • Mobexpert

Elite educational units (public and private)

  • Kindergartens
  • Schools
  • High Schools

Gym & Fitness

  • World Class Atlantis
  • World Class Otopeni
  • World Class Jolie Ville
  • The Mouvement Training Center
  • Stejarii Country Club
  • Power Tenis Club

Medical centers

  • Multiple medical centers nearby

Public transport

  • bus lines 304 and 301

900 ha of forest

  • bicycle tours through the forest
  • jogging
  • walks
  • Bucharest City Zoo is just minutes away
Testimonials Video Testimonials Google
July 24, 2021

A quiet and clean neighborhood as anyone would like.

Titi Iatan
July 24, 2021

Perhaps the cleanest, most quiet and modern neighborhood in Bucharest! The road is through the forest, you feel in the middle of nature. Blocks are very airy with lots of green space between them. The zoo is very close, a 15-minute walk through the woods you get there. There are also buses for city-related tenants.

Andrei Contu
July 24, 2021

The location is flour. Especially if you want to escape a little out of the city, but do not go too far.

Alina Josanu
September 4, 2019

In Greenfield, I decided to buy my first lifetime house! Definitely for me it is the best location in the north side of the city, with the best quality/price ratio, and a great upside growth in value potential.

Stefan Anastasiu
October 4, 2020

Very nice and quiet place! I love to live here.

Öner Ermiş
March 2, 2017

A civilized neighborhood, populated by mostly ok people. Cleaner air compared to the city center. Receptive administration. Transportation is not a problem as long as you fit in the minibus program (it covers the whole day). By personal car I arrive in 30 minutes at the peak hours of the aviators. Honest apartments made in terms of materials used and quality. Ideal for a family with children, the forest is the heavenly hand in both winter and summer.

Mihnea Cojocaru
July 24, 2021

Very nice residential condominium. Quiet, clean and new!

Bogdan M.H. Badea
August 12, 2017

Super location near the forest!

Alex Marin
May 1, 2020

Booming community, good for families

Damian Galvin
July 24, 2021

Quiet, away from the noise of unbearable traffic in the Capital!

Iulian Pirvulescu