A unique neighborhood in Bucharest
A unique neighborhood in Bucharest
A unique neighborhood in Bucharest
A unique neighborhood in Bucharest

A unique neighborhood in Bucharest

Which considerably improves the lives of the inhabitants.

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A unique neighborhood in Bucharest

Forest, Quiet, Fresh air

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A unique neighborhood in Bucharest

Active Community, Quality Neighbors, Young Residents

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A unique neighborhood in Bucharest

Wellness Club, Shopping Center, Educational Units

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A unique neighborhood in Bucharest

Safe homes, Privacy and comfort, Energy efficiency

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Greenfield Facilities

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Intelligent Development

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Greenfield Residence

A unique combination of modern minimalist architecture and an exceptional lifestyle completed by a spectacular natural landscape, located in a unique location, in District 1 of Bucharest, in the vicinity of Băneasa Forest.

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Why Greenfield?

  • 60
    HA total land area
  • 18
    HA of green spaces inside the neighborhood
  • 900
    HA of forest embracing the neighborhood
  • 7,000
    Trees planted by us
  • 3,800
    M2 of wellness spaces
  • 5,000
    M2 of commercial space

Greenfield Plaza

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Clean air in Bucharest

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The forest that hugs the neighborhood

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We are with you at every step on the way to your new home. From choosing the best lending solution in the shortest possible time, to interior design and furniture services, a dedicated consultant will help you step by step, so that the experience of buying a home can be easy and pleasant.

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An apartment in Greenfield is definitely a place of relaxation, detachment from worries and daily stress. Regardless of age, in Greenfield you are charged with positive energy and worries disappear. Discover a new experience of living, in an energetic, active, responsible community, of those interested in a healthy life, in harmony with nature. Embrace well being!

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August 7, 2019

Nice place to live, good neighbours and just a short walk away from the forest.

Sandor Pall
March 3, 2020

One year I live in the neighborhood and I am more and more happy with the choice made. Peace, normal people, shops and safety.

Adelina Iovan
May 1, 2020

Booming community, good for families

Damian Galvin
December 6, 2023

The quietest place with fresh air. All children can play quietly

Alina Pavel
December 6, 2023

Quiet, away from the noise of unbearable traffic in the Capital!

Iulian Pirvulescu
December 6, 2023

A quiet and beautiful place to walk and spend your free time with your family

Rodica Stanciulescu
March 2, 2017

A civilized neighborhood, populated by mostly ok people. Cleaner air compared to the city center. Receptive administration. Transportation is not a problem as long as you fit in the minibus program (it covers the whole day). By personal car I arrive in 30 minutes at the peak hours of the aviators. Honest apartments made in terms of materials used and quality. Ideal for a family with children, the forest is the heavenly hand in both winter and summer.

Mihnea Cojocaru
December 6, 2023

The forest makes this place a very good option to live in. Cooler summers Fresh air Deers and their calfs can be seen during the night, coming out of the forest... Nice place

Adrian Gorcea
August 12, 2017

Super location near the forest!

Alex Marin
December 6, 2023

Perhaps the cleanest, most quiet and modern neighborhood in Bucharest! The road is through the forest, you feel in the middle of nature. Blocks are very airy with lots of green space between them. The zoo is very close, a 15-minute walk through the woods you get there. There are also buses for city-related tenants.

Andrei Contu

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