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The ideal home for your family is waiting for you in Greenfield!

The perfect home is the one that meets all the needs of your family!

You gathered in the bouquet of memories experiences and memories of the moments spent together, in the small apartment. Now, your family has grown and needs a more spacious, comfortable, modernly finished home, designed especially for your needs.

Every family needs a home in which they feel safe, in which to dream and make plans about the future. In Greenfield, the space that you can really call “home” awaits you, where you will be able to strengthen your identity and family values. In our country, mornings start with positive energy, the aromatic coffee combined with the freshness of nature, the rustling of the leaves in the light wind and the merry chirping of the birds. Here you will see your family fulfilled, healthy, living every day feeling eudaimonic.

A child who grows up in a safe, healthy environment, in harmony with nature is a happy child. In our compound, the children are safe playing at the specially arranged playgrounds, or on the lawn around the block. The access to the neighborhood is controlled, and the traffic is reduced, the maximum allowed speed being 20 km / h. The welcoming atmosphere of the complex, the clean air offered by the 900 ha of forest that embraces the neighbourhood, the safety provided by the non-stop active security system, but also the playgrounds dedicated to the little ones, will all tell you that your place is in Greenfield. Although you will live in the heart of nature, in an oasis of peace and relaxation, you will enjoy the advantages of the city thanks to the many facilities existing right in the neighbourhood. In addition, just a few minutes by car, you have Carrefour Feeria, Băneasa Mall, Ikea, Mobexpert and the Pipera office area. You do not need to drive for hours to enjoy the charm of nature, but it is enough to invite your loved ones for a bike ride through Băneasa forest, your source of health and positive energy.

What will you like in Greenfield?

Select community - you will have responsible neighbours, concerned about a healthy life, who love nature and outdoor movement

Unique natural setting - the neighbourhood embraced by 900 hectares of forest. You have the feeling that you are in the mountains, in your house

Outdoor playgrounds guarded and approved by age groups

Educational units in the neighbourhood: Avenor College, state school and kindergarten (in the approval phase)

Zoo 5 minutes away by car or 15 - minute walk

The option to practice outdoor sports - in dedicated places or on forest paths

Space suitable for the development of passions: photography, painting, meditation, botany

Secure access and your parking space

Quick access to the airport, DN1 and the ring road. From here you are closer to the sea, the mountains or any place in the world

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