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Moving into a new house in Greenfield is never too late!

Fulfil you dream of living in a place where you have nature closer to you and where you don’t have to give up the facilities you got used to. Greenfield is the right solution for you. Move next to the forest! Not only a chic apartment awaits you here, but a healthy lifestyle, a less polluted environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Clean air, safety, tranquility, select community, outdoor recreation spaces are the ingredients of a healthy and balanced life. Here you have the intimacy and peace that living at home ensures, but without the worries that living in the yard entails. 

You have the opportunity to spend your time in a relaxing way and to focus more on your hobbies. You can play backgammon, chess or bridge with family and friends on the terrace of your apartment or in the park. Photography, jogging, cycling, fitness or reading can all be practiced here in Greenfield. The Greenfield neighbourhood is the place where you can enjoy peace and quiet, it is the place to raise your grandchildren quietly and without worries. You can walk them safely through the park and you can keep them company at the specially arranged playgrounds, enjoying their wonderful childhood.

In Greenfield, you enjoy daily walks in the heart of nature! You breathe fresh air with the same quality indicators like in the mountains and the noise is up to 55% lower than in the centre of Bucharest. The forest reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, eliminates anxiety and helps you sleep well. Silvotherapy is an extraordinary remedy for those suffering from chronic bronchitis, asthma, high blood pressure, neurosis and insomnia. Did you know that living in a clean, green, quiet and unpolluted environment can prolong your life?

What will you like in Greenfield?

Community - you will have responsible neighbours, concerned about a healthy life, who love nature. 25% of those who live in Greenfield are seniors, people with the same lifestyle as yours

Community activities for forest cleaning, tree planting

Unique natural setting - the neighbourhood embraced by 9 million square meters of forest

The option to exercise outdoors - at specially arranged recreation areas or on forest paths

You have the right space to develop your passions: photography, painting, meditation, botany, etc

Secure access and your parking space

Increased comfort and low maintenance costs

Beauty salon

Shops and supermarkets in the Greenfield Ensemble

Quick access to the airport, DN1 and the ring road. Thus, from Greenfield you are one hour closer to the sea, to the mountains or to any place in the world

Soon Spa Area of ​​over 3,000 square meters with semi-Olympic pool, swimming pools, fitness rooms, massage, sauna

STB station

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