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In Greenfield, you find your peace, you recharge and always come back home

Life in any capital is not always perfect, calm and balanced. The city full of possibilities is also grey, full of pollution and concrete. And for someone who grew up running all day in his grandparents’ yard, someone who needs a lot of greenery around, trees, forest, leaf rustle and birds chirping, the city can become stressful.

We are connected to nature and interconnected with it, and you already know that. You are becoming more and more aware of how many benefits you have when you are outside, in pure nature. You love the relaxation, tranquility and balance that the forest and nature offer. It’s like going back to your grandparents in the warm, loving environment you know so well. You would like to be able to pack a patch of greenery, some wildflowers, raindrops, a lot of peace and fresh air, to bring them here, in the crowded Bucharest.

The magic jar in which you can take nature in a package, hasn’t been discovered yet. But while looking for alternatives and changing homes, you discovered a different neighbourhood. One where you can lie on the grass and admire the sky, a place where you open the window and enjoy the scent of the nearby forest. A neighbourhood where you take your bike and have over 100 km of paths just right to explore. 

Ever since you moved here, in your first home, a practical and modern 2-room apartment or a studio, you feel that you are more balanced. Mornings and evenings have become your favourite moments of the day. In the morning you go for a run and secretly enter among the drops of dew and the fresh scent of the forest. You return home and enjoy your natural energy drink from the balcony with a forest overview, while scrolling the news. Now, you will be more proud than ever to create Social Media content, since you are in the most Instagramable place. 

The evening is just as pleasant: take out your bike and relax having a walk through the same forest that urges you to adventure. You have so many paths and options that you can’t get bored! Your Labrador is at least as excited about these frequent outings! Office stress has become more bearable and you no longer feel exhausted every day.

Recently, you have reactivated an older hobby: photography! You have so many shots, that you can spend hours in the woods taking pictures!

And because everything you love must be protected, you can take part in the greening and afforestation events organized by the neighbourhood you live in. This is how you feel that you are part of the change you want to see in the world, a living proof that makes a positive difference. You feel that you are doing something for Nature, that you are protecting it, that you are a responsible person, in a community with similar values.

What are you going to like in Greenfield?

The forest where you can train every morning

The chirping of the birds that will accompany you in the evening walks

The sports community in which you will find yourself, since 75% of the inhabitants practice a sport

Unique location that will make you forget that you live in Bucharest

The clean air that gives you the feeling that you live in a mountain town

We are going to build a SPA area of ​​over 3000 sqm with a semi-Olympic pool, swimming pools, fitness rooms, massage, sauna

STB station to reach points of interest more easily

Quick access to shops and supermarkets

Restaurant and cafe where you can relax in the late summer evenings

A much lower noise level than in the centre of the capital

Community activities for forest cleaning, tree planting

Unique natural setting - the neighbourhood of 9 million square meters of forest

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