Criteria that influence the wellbeing of the home – Homewellbeing

30Aug2021 Criteria that influence the wellbeing of the home – Homewellbeing

            We already know what wellbeing is and that we need this concept in our home, for a better physical, but especially mental health. Therefore, we need to focus on the most important aspects related to well-being.

Among the first construction needs are the high seismic strength and the quality of the construction. The new Greenfield surprises you positively in this regard, because durability and sustainability are just two of the operating policies of Impact SA, the developer of the project, and the plus that the new constructions bring involves a high degree of energy efficiency, which respects the BREEAM Excellent certification standards. This means high construction quality, better management and intelligent control of energy resources, implicitly lower long-term costs for residents. This benefit validates the need for people to indirectly contribute to reducing pollution caused by residential buildings and thus, increase the wellbeing of residents.

Studies show that by implementing the BREEAM Excellent standard in the case of residential buildings, maintenance costs are reduced by 13%, energy consumption is reduced by up to 50%, CO2 emissions reduced by up to 39%, water consumption is reduced by also by 39%, and the amount of waste is reduced by up to 70%, which is reflected in an increase in population satisfaction by 27%.

        The subdivision of the apartment is a determining criterion in the purchase decision. Large areas, the distribution of rooms and how the living space can be organized are key factors that influence the decoration and the functionality assigned to each corner, which will help harmonize all the interior activities. GREENFIELD Băneasa brings a modern approach to the distribution of rooms, which you can be convinced by analyzing the multiple types of apartments.

The brightness influences the mood and it has interesting effects on humans: it makes us aware of the passage of time, and the color and intensity of the light we experience influences the secretion of hormones, including melatonin and serotonin, which regulate our circadian rhythms. The new GREENFIELD has been designed with large-glazed areas, respecting the sunshine studies and ensuring good light during the day, which gives you every reason to enjoy natural light, so important in daily activities, especially once the home is also the office, but also an intense study place for the little ones.

The terrace has become extremely popular in 2020 and the attention paid to this space will continue to be increased, as it urges us to moments of relaxation and contemplation. Looking at the horizon line is a good exercise for the eyes and when the panorama involves Băneasa Forest, the degree of satisfaction is at maximum levels, especially for lovers of nature and fresh air.


The view, implicitly the orientation of the apartment is an important criterion, which is good to take into account depending on 2 aspects: if you have or plan to have children and if you do not have this goal. It is ideal to have a view from the apartment to the playground or to the park, in order to be able to supervise the children - when the age allows them to go out to play alone, but if you want more peace, it is recommended to choose a different position, preferably towards the forest.

The storage space is a must have component, without which, home wellbeing is not complete. The efficient organization of the home favours the harmony of the whole place once each member of the family marks and personalizes both the room and the other places in the house where he has various activities. Objects for seasonal use can be stored separately in boxes, specially designed to meet this need, and those for frequent use must be easily accessible.

The costs, both in terms of the initial investment and the maintenance costs, influence the home wellbeing. If you choose to live in an environment that offers you everything you dream of, such as GREENFIELD Băneasa, you will be satisfied with the financial investment made, every time you enjoy the park, the mall, the spa, the pool, the forest paths and the smart community created over time. DFrom the perspective of monthly costs, you should know that they will be lower than you will hear that they are in other ensembles; high energy efficiency means a project built to high quality standards, which, in the long run, ensures thermal efficiency, but also heating services, which reduce the carbon footprint. Every month you will be satisfied with the choice made regarding living in GREENFIELD Băneasa, the most modern and sustainable neighbourhood in Sector 1!


Indoor air quality

 900 hectares of forest influence the air quality in GREENFIELD Băneasa and the construction of the buildings and the related ventilation system influence the indoor air quality, so important in the context of spending 90% of the time in the house.

Wellbeing requires clean air, which has multiple health benefits: it reduces stress, anxiety and blood pressure, has a calming effect, improves sleep and promotes birth rates.

Greenfield is a privileged location in the vicinity of Băneasa Forest, which provides clean, oxygenated air, with the same quality as the air in a mountain town.

Learn how to create home wellbeing from scratch. Move to the neighbourhood embraced by the forest and breathe fresh air! We are waiting for you to the viewing! 



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