Our long-term objective has a clear goal: to have a positive impact on the environment and society, while creating value for both the people living in Greenfield and the company.

Reducing CO2 emissions

Through the strategic partnerships we have with world leaders in green energy projects, we try to bring a new standard of efficiency in construction, in large-scale real estate projects, in Romania.

Greenfield currently offers the highest standard of living in the affordable housing segment and has been developed using standardized building solutions for cost efficiency and high energy performance.

The properties and apartments in Greenfield have:

Efficient individual heating systems;

Efficient windows;

Brick interior walls;

30 cm thick exterior walls, with dense insulation;

Underfloor heating and intelligent thermostats.

To reduce CO2 emissions and preserve the exceptional quality of the environment, in Greenfield we focused on:

Sustainable planning and construction;

Selective collection and waste management;

High efficiency indoor and outdoor lighting;

Wastewater recovery and management;

Greenfield is becoming the largest green project in Eastern Europe

Key aspects of development are: widespread use of renewable energy, energy-efficient buildings and systems, green roofs and facades, efficient and sustainable water management, waste management, low-emission transportation solutions, smart home solutions and a sustainable and modern city.

Large-scale use of renewable energy

We analyze the development of an innovative central heating system for the next 5000 apartments;
Benefiting from the unique characteristics of Northern Bucharest (high temperature at relatively shallow depths) one of the main features of the system can be the use of geothermal energy using both deep drilling and ordinary geothermal pumps;
Geothermal heat pumps extract heat from underground in winter and provide cooling in summer;
Deep geothermal installations bring water to 40-60 ° Celsius, which can be very efficiently used by the community;
To bring the water to the required temperature, each block benefits from a smaller condensing boiler;
Photovoltaic panels mounted on terraces will ensure energy consumption for common areas and pump consumption.

Low emission transport solutions

All homes will be within ten minutes of public transportation and daily neighborhood services;
Extensive facilities in the community centre, public school and church reduce the need to travel outside Greenfield;
Electric chargers for cars and electric scooters;
Ride-sharing options for electric cars, scooters and bicycles;
Extensive bicycle infrastructure (including external connections).

Efficient and sustainable water and waste management

Rainwater harvesting and recycling of grey water (resulting from domestic use) to reduce water consumption and minimize the volume circulated in the public drainage system;
Water management economically, by using showers and faucets with low flow, toilets with low water consumption;
Practical and efficient selective waste collection, using underground and connected bins.

High energy efficiency constructions and systems

The goal for the next phases of the Greenfield Ensemble is to obtain BREEAM Excellent certification.
Green terraces and facades will offer both functional advantages (additional insulation) and aesthetic advantages;
The use of durable and sustainable materials will influence the selection of construction solutions;
The dependence on bio-climatic design aims to obtain efficient solutions for shading and natural lighting through the optimal orientation of the building and the design of windows and terraces.

We are raising the CSR standard in the industry

Greenfield’s goal is to provide well-built housing and the ideal setting for a responsible community, where residents can access all the facilities and services they need.

The existence of a neighbourhood near the forest attracts the need to come up with social responsibility initiatives. Greenfield residents live in harmony with nature and in accordance with its laws, respecting and protecting the animals in the area and taking care of the forest and the environment.

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