Social Responsibility

Greenfield's goal is to provide well-built housing and the ideal setting for a responsible community, where residents can access all the facilities and services they need.

Study: The impact of the Pandemic

According to a study commissioned by IMPACT Developer & Contractor and carried out by the research company Quantix, in September 2021, a year and a half after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the main reasons why people choose Greenfield are:

  • Clean air
  • Location
  • Green area/Forest
  • Peace
  • Modern neighborhood.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

The existence of a neighborhood near the forest attracts the need to come up with social responsibility initiatives. The inhabitants of our neighborhood live in harmony with nature and in accordance with its laws, respecting and protecting the animals in the area and taking care of the forest and the environment.

Our social responsibility initiatives go in three directions, both physically, planting trees, cleaning the forest, but also morally, educating those around us to follow worthy models, in terms of significant aspects of existence: a healthy lifestyle , the need to maintain fitness, the benefits of parent-child activities, outdoor movement. And last but not least, the donations made by Impact Developer & Contractor, the developer of the project, for the development of public services that will serve the entire area, not just the Greenfield neighborhood.

  • 35,000
    Participants at our CSR events
  • 2,500
    Children involved in our activities
  • 3,500
    Planted Trees in Băneasa Forest
  • 5,000
    Collected Garbage from Băneasa Forest
  • 15
    Sport Events organization and sponsorship
  • 8
    8 mil Euro the value of donations consisting of public functions projects

Trees Planting

We are active in maintenance and greening actions that take place in the Băneasa Forest area. We made a promise to plant a tree for every apartment built in Greenfield. So far, we have managed to plant, together with the volunteers, over 3500 trees in Băneasa Forest and surroundings. The plantings were guided by Romsilva specialists, who explained both the planting procedure and the beneficial impact of their action. In Greenfield it is extremely important to educate children with love and respect for the environment, giving them role models.


The approaches of our company are structured to be part of a public functions set of general interest, with a focus on the needs of the communities we develop, but also for the benefit of those in the vicinity of District 1 – North area. Impact builds sustainably and creates a living environment at the highest quality standards and with a high level of comfort. In this sense, in order to improve the lives of citizens, Impact has been actively involved, through donations, amounting to 8 million euros.

In 2017, Impact donated 6,000 sqm to PMB, amounting to 1.8 million Euro, in compensation for the forest fund, so that Vadul Moldovei Street returns to the status of public road.

On July 2020, a plot of 1,800 sqm, worth 497,000 Euro is donated to the Archiepiscopate of Bucharest, for the construction of a Church in the Greenfield area.

In order to build a public school and kindergarten, Impact donated the land and the project necessary for the construction by the City Hall, both amounting to 1.75 million Euro. The donation was submitted by Impact in February 2020 and accepted by the Bucharest General Council in the meeting of July 15, 2020.

Resident’s access to public passenger transport in Bucharest is urgently needed, for which Impact has donated land with an area of ​​1,400 sqm and will deal with the construction of a modern STB terminal, provided with a loan agreement for an indefinite period and free of charge, to STB. The value of the donation and of the entire project carried out by Impact amounts to 750,000 Euro.

2 million Euro is the value for building 3 additional access roads, in this amount being included lands of 5,149 sqm, but also the design and execution of these roads. After the completion of the works, they will be donated to the competent authorities, in order to enter the administration of the public domain.

For the extension of the public utility networks, costs of 1 million Euro are estimated, after which they will enter the patrimony of the operators and utility providers. Also 3,500 sqm surface valued of 600,000 Euro will be made available to the authorities for mixt public functions.

Clean & Run – Plogging

In October 2019, we started an event – manifesto, plugging: Clean and Run, the largest initiative of Running and Cleaning of Băneasa Forest, which gives participants the opportunity to do sports in nature and, at the same time, to be responsible for the environment through a civic action, garbage collection in nature. Clean and Run means movement and care for the environment, responsibility and civic spirit. We want plogging to become a popular concept in Romania, practiced as often as possible, for extra health and a clean, normal nature.

Greenfield community has shown interest in civic action, setting an example to others and keeping nature clean. The Great Cleanup is an event initiated and held repeatedly by Greenfield Community residents.

Construction of bird tree houses

In Greenfield, we take care of the flora and fauna of Băneasa forest, which is why we have taken actions to help the birds, especially during the cold period, but not only. We involved the Greenfield community in building small bird houses, carefully placed in the trees. The activity made children and adults more responsible and caring for birds.

Birdwatching Club

In order to continue the education regarding the fauna from Băneasa Forest, we organized free Birdwatching clubs – bird watching and other creatures, to inform the inhabitants, especially children, about the life of birds, about their needs and how to enjoy of the forest without disturbing the creatures.

Traditions and values

Out of the desire to carry on Romanian customs, in a constantly changing society, we regularly organize activities in the neighborhood to preserve and promote traditions, especially among young people. We want to actively contribute to the formation of a community with principles and values, starting with the smallest residents.

Romanian Christmas carols are a specific delight for this holiday, as painting Easter eggs remains one of the favorite activities of the little ones. We believe in the power of example in the formation process of the young generation, which is why we organized cultural and entertainment activities with the occasion of Christmas and Easter.

Sport activities

We promote an active, healthy lifestyle, encourage outdoor movement, support sports and proudly participate in sports competitions.

  • In 2019, Greenfield was the main sponsor of Băneasa Forest Run, which reached its fourth edition and enjoyed the presence of 1,500 people.
  • Another sports competition that Greenfield supports is Băneasa Race, which already reached the 5th edition, the last event gathering over 1,200 competitors.
  • The most popular competition in which Greenfield had a dedicated race, Greenfield Relay, was in the Bucharest Half Marathon, with over 18,000 participants.
  • In 2019, Greenfield launched a duathlon sports competition, together with Road Grand Tour, the first edition of GREENFIELD DUO CHALLENGE being a real success.

Greenfield - Promoter of health through sport

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