Credit solutions as soon as possible

Our bank loan brokerage division collaborates with the most important financial institutions in Romania. From the beginning until present, we have over 640 financed clients and we will surely find for you the best credit solution for the desired apartment. For these services, the Consultancy commission is ZERO.

We are currently working with Transilvania Bank, Unicredit, BCR, Alpha Bank, Vista Bank and First Bank.

In the future, we also intend to collaborate with OTP and Credit Europe.

Financing benefits

Make your time more efficient

Comprehensive solution, depending on your needs

ZERO consultancy commission

The shortest time to get the credit

Collaboration with the most important financial-banking institutions

Full transparency on credit costs



We go to your place

Interior Design

For more than 7 years, our Interior Design department has been offering a personalized professional interior design consultancy service, free of charge for the clients, aiming to meet the needs of each client and to create an interior design project adapted to the smallest details.

Our passion for housing starts from the design phase, when we choose the materials, it continues with the foundation and construction of the building, and it ends with the interior design project. We believe that construction and home design is a real art. A home can give you comfort, inspiration, peace and can bring you the balance and positive energy you need.

Innovation, modernness and comfort are the hallmarks of our interior design projects developed in collaboration with top suppliers. We know how difficult and time-consuming interior design can be, and an interior design specialist will know how to do magic and turn any area into a perfectly functional and visually excellent one.

Collaboration with top suppliers ensures a permanent alignment with global trends in interior design, and the attention to details and client needs is displayed in each project.

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Advantages of interior design

Time gained

Customized solutions

Free advice


Administration Services

Through Actual Invest House, a subsidiary of Impact Developer & Contractor, we provide various post-acquisition services, such as administration and maintenance services, to facilitate organization in the neighborhood. Thus, we perform management activities that may include: overall security, maintenance of green areas, cleaning and maintenance of apartments, during the warranty period. Together with the owners’ associations, we ensure the optimal management of a modern residential complex with an European standard of living.