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In Greenfield, you find yourself, you charge yourself and you come back home

Happiness is not and has never been lonely. It can be felt, understood or lived only with the other, only in the community, only by relating to us together. And if this is the approach in everyday life or in the business area, regardless of the field in which you operate, all you have to do is win. It is also the direction followed for over 30 years by IMPACT through the residential projects it develops. The success of the neighborhoods in Bucharest, Oradea or Constanța is due to bringing together urban communities in which residents have everything they need in the immediate vicinity, define an active lifestyle and form a union of people with common interests.

In Iasi, in one of the most beautiful areas of the capital of Moldova, surrounded by vineyards, Greenfield Copou community aims to become HOME for those who are looking for well-being. Well-being is not just a concept but a reality that can be implemented and assumed. How? We have a project that is thought out down to the smallest details: from the distance between the buildings so that each apartment benefits from as much natural light as possible, to the renewable energy sources on the roof of the buildings. We have large pedestrian areas with playgrounds and running tracks because all car traffic is redirected to the underground area. The moment you mix the care for the quality of the construction, the facilities and the details that make the difference, you have a winning project.

Greenfield Copou has another peculiarity. It is chosen by special people who appreciate the value of a community, of living in an area where your neighbor is also your friend. Because, as we said at the beginning, happiness is not and has never been lonely.

What you will like about Greenfield

Because you are above the city

Because you are surrounded by green

Because you breathe fresh air

Quality constructions

Well thought out apartments

A community with a soul